Nintendo Switch Plant Stand

Nintendo Switch Plant Stand

A couple weeks ago I got the idea to design a Nintendo Switch stand that looked like a plant, using the Switch as the flower head and extra joycons as the leaves. Definitely something different than my usual designs.

So once the design was complete, I started printing it, double checking the assembly and making adjustments.

Then I thought, let's do a short TikTok video. Maybe it'll get some attention, maybe not...or maybe it will amass over TWO MILLION VIEWS IN A DAY!

This is a sub 40hr print between all 5 pieces. So it takes a little while to print the pieces.

The first "batch" of prints (10) have sold out in 2hrs of posting the TikTok. Unfortunately with the way Etsy currently works, they "hide" anything that's sold out. So all these customers going to my Etsy page to find this TikTok viral stand are finding...nothing.

I hope to sell the second batch of stands here I my website where I can better handle the orders and traffic, and also get an email or notification system better going.

Thank you.

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